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Mardi” was our very first Border Terrier. After doing several months of research to find a small dog that would live harmoniously with our Labs, I contacted Meadowlake Terriers in Illinois and was placed on a waiting list.

Several months after that, I got the call and we drove down and picked up Meadowlake Mardi Gras, at 9 weeks old.

Mardi turned out to be everything we could have wished for, and more.

Show Quality and a good breeding prospect, along with being a great companion. Mardi quickly earned her Show Championship and went on to produce 3 lovely litters of puppies.

She produced large litters and was a wonderful Mama. Mardi retired in 2010 to just lounge around, and be treated like the Queen that she is! She will live out her life at Rushwind where she belongs.

Asti” came to us from Tealwood Labradors in 2003, as an 8 week old puppy.

We knew right away that she was the most mild tempered Lab we had ever owned.

She was calm and gentle, and didn’t do the destructive things that Lab puppies normally do. She was adorable and we knew then, that we were in love with the English type Labrador.

Asti went to a few shows in her younger years, but never really cared much about all of the “hoopla” in the Show Ring.

She was destined to be a Mom.

Asti raised 2 large, lovely litters of yellow puppies, two of which went on to be Grand Champions in the Show Ring.

Asti is now retired and will live out her leisure years at Rushwind.

Shiner” came to stay with us in the Fall of 2004 at 8 months old. She was also from Tealwood Labradors, and is Asti’s half sister. Shiner showed hunt potential so Dan took her to South Dakota on a hunting trip that Fall.

In February 2005 we officially bought her and she became a permanent member of the Rushwind Family.

Shiner and Becky took to the show ring a few times and she picked up a couple of champion points, but never finished before she started having babies.

Shiner was a great producer, and a phenomenal mother. She gave us 3 lovely litters and made many, many families very happy.

Shiner always tries to help nurture any puppies born here at Rushwind….whether they are hers or not. Shiner had her final litter in August 2011 and is now retired to live the easy life and help around the whelping box.